Recent service updates, news

New Conversions: PDF to CSV, PDF to Excel
Conversion Tools Zapier Integration
Conversion Tools has built an Integration to Zapier workflow automation service.
See details on the blog Conversion Tools Integration to Zapier.
New conversion: Microsoft Office document to Text file
Added converter from Microsoft Office file format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) such as DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX into Text format.
Check out new converters:
Conversion Tools Node JS Client
We published Conversion Tools Node.js client to access our REST API.
You can use it to convert files from your Node.js applications.

Check it on GitHub or on NPM.

Please note: API access is available for registered users only - you can create user account now at the Register page.
New Conversion Plan; Updated Limits; Payments in Euro
- We added Advanced Conversion Plan with file size limit 1 Gb.

- Conversion limits were changed for registered, unregistered users and for paid plans.
10 Conversions per day, 1 Mb File size limit - for unregistered users (who didn't login to the user account).
30 Conversions per day, 20 Mb File size limit - for registered users (registration is free of charge).
To view all available options - visit the Pricing page.

- Now Payments can be issued in Dollars or Euro.

Create user account now at the Register page.
User Accounts
Now you can register the User Account.
This will allow you to see most recent conversions and download the converted files later (for now within 24h period).
Create user account now at the Register page.
New conversion: Microsoft Office document to PDF
Now you can convert Microsoft Office documents to PDF file, we support:
Conversion update: XML to Excel / CSV
We improved the logic and significantly improved the speed of the following two conversions:Now conversion run much faster and would provide more relevant result.