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How PDF to JPG Converter works?

PDF to JPG image converter is useful when there is a need to have a PDF document content rendered as a static image.

Rendering PDF

To produce an image from the PDF document it should be rendered into an image a similar way as the document is printed on the printer.

Saving JPG

After PDF document content is rendered - converter produces and saves a good quality image of the content of the PDF to JPG file.

Other formats

We have a number of online tools which are able to render PDF document into the image format.

List of our Free Online PDF to Image Converters:

PDF File Format

PDF Format

The "Portable Document Format (PDF)" was introduced by Adobe to present text documents that contain formatted text and images.

"Portable" means that this format should be independent of the operating system (OS) and supposed to be used on any software platform.

PDF format is widely used for printable documents.

PDF file may contain text formatting, images, and may include the fonts

PDF Content

PDF files may contain formatted text and images.

When text in PDF file is written using a special font - such font might be included inside the PDF file, so when printing font is used for rendering the formatted text.

JPEG File Format

JPEG Format

JPEG (acronym) is for "Joint Photographic Experts Group". This group created JPEG standard in the 1992 year.

JPEG uses lossy data compression with a typical compression rate of 10:1 which gives good quality and small size of the image file.

JPEG is widely used in digital photography and on the Internet on websites because of the small file size.

JPEG Compression

JPEG file may have the compression ratio from 1 to 100.

Where 100 is the highest quality with the lowest compression ratio.

And 1 is the lowest quality with the highest compression ratio.

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