How to Convert XML to Excel

From this post you will find out how to Convert any XML Document into Excel format in a few minutes and what is the best way to do that.

XML Format Structure

XML or Extensible Markup Language was designed as both human-readable and machine-redable format.

That is why it is so popular and many applications on the desktop, mobile and web platforms use XML format to store the data.

Check the sample below to understand the XML file basic structure.

XML file structure

As you can notice, it is easy to visually read the data of XML file, and it is possible to use any text editor to modify the data inside XML file.

Excel Format Structure

When it comes to understand the data - XML with its hierarchical structure is not the best choice for the human.

In our daily work we use data in table-representation which gives much more clarity about the data structure and content.

Check the sample below to see the table representation of the same data from XML file.

Table representation of the data

XML to Excel Converter

Based on the format difference - to read and understand the data from XML file, it would be much easier to convert the file from XML format into table representation (into Excel format) and open in Microsoft Office or any similar office software (like OpenOffice, LibreOffice or Google Drive Spreadsheets).

To convert XML file into Excel format - the most easy and reliable way is to use our XML to Excel Online Converter.

Follow the steps below:

  • Open page of XML to Excel Online Converter
  • Choose XML file to convert by clicking on "Browse" button or Dragging XML file onto the button
  • Click "Run Conversion" button to upload the file to the server and start converting it into Excel format
  • Once conversion is finished, click on "Download" button to save the result Excel file on your computer.

Try XML to Excel Online Converter right now and you will find it very useful in your daily work with XML documents!

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